Discover the best food walk in Amsterdam
with the NeighbourFood route!

Hiking in Amsterdam has never been so tasty.
Celebrate your free afternoon with a walking food route.

With the tastiest food route in Amsterdam you can eat your way through the delicious neighbourhoods of Amsterdam. This “non-touristy” foodie experience will unlock secret foodspots and you’ll discover hidden gems. While exploring the city, the best foodmakers of Amsterdam serve you the tastiest snacks and drinks during this food route. The bites are exactly big enough so you have appetite for the next course!

How it works

Step 1
You choose a day for your city walk
Step 2
As soon as your payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation by email. Your spot is now reserved
Step 3
On the day of your food route you will receive a lot more useful and fun information as a link in your email. This is immediately your personal ticket for the walking and eating festival
Step 4
By showing your ticket, the entrepreneur checks your name and the food route starts!

New routes will be launched soon!


Via this link you can buy tickets from Monday to Saturday.

Note: You can buy tickets up to 24 hours in advance. For example, if you want to go hiking on a Sunday, you can buy tickets until the Saturday before (1:00 pm). Of course while supplies last, so be on time!

As soon as the registration and payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation. Your spot is reserved in your name. You will receive the information with the route map and participating entrepreneurs before 12:00h on the day of your walk. You can print the info or download it on your phone. You show this at the location where you pass by and you don’t have to do anything more than wait for your dish and your drink!

Hell yes! A bit depending on your child of course …

Maybe the route is a bit long to walk all the way, but it is doable in a stroller or on a kids bike! The food is not specially adapted to the youthful hikers. You don’t have to buy an extra ticket for the little ones, of course, because they can simply enjoy your dishes.

You will always come across nice picnic spots, playgrounds and sights that make it fun for everyone. 

We believe sustainability is important in all areas. Also in the routes. And that is why we want to offer the routes not only during corona times, but also afterwards. Because even with less restrictions later, a hiking picnic remains a nice day out and even then the entrepreneurs are still very happy with your visits!

To ensure that the walks run responsibly for all hikers and entrepreneurs, we apply a maximum number of participants per day per route.

To be sure, once again some guidelines:

– Stay at home in case of complaints

– Walk with a maximum of two people

– Keep 1.5 meters distance

– Always take your facemask with you

– Do not stay longer than necessary in front of the venue

– When it is busy, visit the venue a little later or wait elsewhere until it is quieter

– Do not take alcohol on the street

– Take curfews into account

This way we realise:

– Carefree enjoyment of a pleasant city walk

– Carefree enjoyment of all the delicious things from the participating entrepreneurs

– The necessary support to these entrepreneurs in these turbulent times.

Have fun and tasty food!

With an all-inclusive ticket you pay in advance for your food and drinks, which makes it cheaper. We will give you the route with the participating food establishments and they will then know for sure that you will show up. This makes a huge difference in food waste! With an all-inclusive ticket there are 5 drinks included as well.

The routes are approximately 5 km long, making them perfect for hiking. But of course you can decide for yourself whether you want to walk, cycle, scooter or moped.

Unfortunately, the entrepreneurs are not allowed to let anyone in to go to the toilet. It is good to take this into account in advance. Maybe you have acquaintances or friends living near the route that you can enter for a while? 

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About us

In January 2012 we organized the first NeighbourFood Market on the Westergasterrein. Every 3rd Sunday of the month, thousands of people found us for almost 5 years. Enthusiastic food makers, caterers, restaurants, cake bakers and baristas created a market with an enormous variety of flavors. Some of the city’s now well-known hotspots even started as an experiment at the NeighbourFood Market. The market expanded to different cities and districts, we had collaborations with beautiful names. But we decided to take other paths. We decided to stop in 2017.

But we have never forgotten the enthusiastic entrepreneurs and food makers. Certainly in these times of the coronavirus our hearts go out to the (partly) closed businesses, in which entrepreneurs invested so much time and love. But take away is possible! That is why we decided to join forces again and now organize the NeighbourFood Route together with the NeighbourFood Market participants. A walking picnic! With delicious and surprising dishes and drinks on the go. During the weekend, we guide you along fine food establishments in the city. Along places where you have never been, or have always wanted to go. We will map out more and more new routes in order to discover more and more delicious things.