Sign up for entrepreneurs

Are you a food- entrepreneur and interested in participating on one of our routes in the near future? Then you can register here!

All routes are currently filled. So there are two possibilities. The first is that we will call you immediately as soon as a spot has become available on an existing route, because you fit in perfectly. The second is that we ask you to participate on a (yet to be determined) new route.

Please send us:

1) Your full name and address details

2) The dish + drink that you want to offer as a package to the walkers. Also a vegetarian option, please. Please keep in mind that there are several more entrepreneurs on your route, so make sure your dish is really a snack / bite.

3) The price of this package (incl VAT)

4) Whether you would like to participate on a Saturday and / or a Sunday. Hikers can visit you on both days between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm, please take this into account. We are also considering extending the times by an hour towards the spring, so until 7:00 PM.

Mail us at and we will answer you with all other information. Hopefully we will let you know asap when we can place you on a route.

Thank you for registering and see you soon!